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Become a BFF and receive commission when your followers shop through your unique Lonia link or use your coupon code.

frequently asked questions

Our lovely individuals help us spread the Lonia movement, showing their love for the brand as well as the community to make all in our special niche feel included. They get some free swag and cash as well! They’re outgoing with awesome personalities and a great sense of style.
It’s pretty simple actually! Hit the Sign Up button above to get started.

For exchange of a pair of shoes influencer agrees to post and tag at least 2 photos on social media (agreed beforehand) within three weeks after receiving the goods OR to make a proposal of how they wish to promote us differently (having an influence on your community, other media outlets etc.).

Please make sure the photos are high quality, somewhat interesting, they include our product in detail, they comply with our image of healthy lifestyle, just be yourself!

To be a Lonia BFF, you must be active on Instagram and over the age of 18. We’re currently accepting applications from US residents! Check out the video to learn more about what it’s like to be a LoniaBFF.
To make BFF payments as easy as possible, we pay Ambassador commissions via PayPal, a free service that’s super quick and easy to sign up for. To apply as an Ambassador, you are required to have Paypal to signup. To get started, head to paypal.com to create your account.