Who We Are

Lonia is a one-stop shop for high-quality and elegant extended-size shoes for women. Established in 2015 and specializing in large size women shoes ranging between 10 – 15, our mission is to help classy large feet women complete their ensembles, reduce their stress, and grow their shoe collections.

Lonia was born after we realized a constant need to support women with big feet in their search for the perfect shoes. As a bespoke shoe boutique with a clear knowledge and understanding of our customer’s needs, our goal is to ensure a pleasant and convenient shopping experience for our customers.

Our Products

Located in Georgia, USA, we pride ourselves on bringing you gorgeous and authentic large-size women shoes with the highest quality at competitive prices. Over the years, several concerns have been raised over the difficulty of finding fashionable and trendy large women shoes on the marketplace. Considering the rate of production of other sizes, women with large feet continue to struggle for shoes that perfectly fit their feet and at the same time reflect their styles and status.

At Lonia, we love fashionable shoes and we want to find the right shoes for you. Our aim to explore the widest part of the industry to handpick attractive and top quality shoes for fashion-conscious women looking for beautifully crafted footwear that is both stylish, on-trend and comfortable.

Our Philosophy

At Lonia, we believe that true style must be comfortable. When you shop at our store, we dedicate a constant focus to offering comfortable and high-quality women shoes. With a passion for everything quality and trendy, we work very closely with highly experienced footwear craftsmen, ensuring beautiful shoes made of breathable materials combined to provide support and balance for your large feet.

Customer Service

With a wide collection of large women shoes custom-made to allow our customers express their personality, our ultimate goal is to bring an amazing selection of high-quality shoes to our valued customers, shoes that will leave any woman turning their head to have a second look. When it comes to Lonia, there’s no more; not your size, no more waiting in line.

Since bigger is better here at Lonia, reinventing styles for the modern women with bigger sizes comes naturally. We believe being a woman with large feet shouldn’t mean you have to have trouble shoe shopping. We serve extended sizes 10 through 15 enthusiastically providing glamorous and fashionable choices, a wide range of options, and ever helpful customer-centric service.

Are you looking for trendy and stylish shoes for your charming large feet? Whether for occasion specials, work fit, formal footwear, casuals, or school, Lonia has varieties of shoes that suits your unique needs. Browse our exclusive extended-size women shoes today, and experience the relief of shopping where the largest size fits our customer service.