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  • What Sports Can Teach Us About Fashion

    There are no completely right or wrong places to learn about fashion. In fact, you can take life fashion lessons from a variety of places. Take sports, for example. Sports teach lessons about many things…why not fashion? Here are just a few things you can learn about fashion from the sporting world.   Practice Makes […]

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  • Must Haves for the Gym

    Self-love goes beyond accepting your body and being confident about it, it is about having the drive to improve yourself and become better physically and emotionally. Going all the way to become fit and healthy is self-love. Instead of treating yourself a sumptuous and luxurious meal after a long week of hard work in the […]

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  • Serena Williams
    Size 10.5 Shoe Size

    Serena Williams is an outstanding tennis champion, mother,and entrepreneur who inspires many of us. Her talent is not limited to only tennis but to many business ventures. She has established herself as a fashion designer when she debuted her clothing collection “Serena by Serena Williams” to embrace and empower all women. Due to her love […]

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